University of Louisiana System CLOSEPRINT

Board Chairs 1975 to Present

From the years 1975 through 1986, the Board of Supervisors operated under the direction of a “President.” In 1987 the title was changed to “Chairman.” The following individuals have served as Chairman and/or President of the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System:

1975-1980 Senator Harvey A. Peltier, Jr.

1980 William C. Broadhurst

1981-1982 Wiley H. Sharp, Jr.

1983 Cyrus J. Greco

1984-1985 Joseph J. Davies, Jr.

1986-1987 James E. Davison

1988 Bob F. Wright

1989-1990 Ray O. Wright

1991-1994 Barbara E. Turner

1995-1996 James E. Davison

1996-1997 E. Edwards Barham

1997-1999 Carl Shetler

2000-2001 Andre G. Coudrain

2002-2003 Gordon A. Pugh

2004-2005 Michael H. Woods

2006-2007 Jimmy D. Long, Sr.

2008-2009 Elsie Burkhalter

2010-2011 Winfred Sibille

2012-2013 D. Wayne Parker

2014-2015 E. Gerald "T-Boy" Hebert

2016 Jimmie "Beau" Martin, Jr.

2017 - Present Alejandro "Al" Perkins