ULM Quick Facts


Quick Facts:

ULM Community

  • 9,004 undergraduate and graduate students from 63 parishes, 44 states and 51 countries attend ULM.
  • 1,111 ULM employees; 379 of which are full-time faculty.

Economic Development

  • ULM’s annual economic impact is $350 million.
  • ULM graduates have added $784 million to Louisiana’s economy during the last 10 years.
  • ULM spending created 3,699 non-university jobs.
  • ULM faculty, staff, and students volunteered approximately 255,000 hours in one year.

Quality On The Rise

  • An ambitious visionary plan that began in 2002 includes more than $70 million in new construction and renovations on campus. Students enjoy the newest, up-to-date residence halls, state-of-the-art SMART classrooms and labs, and a completely-renovated Student Union Building.



Points of Pride

  • The New York Times article, “What Louisiana Can Teach,” features the College of Education and Human Development.
  • The Science Education Alliance of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute chooses ULM as one of 12 universities to participate in a national genomics research initiative.

  • Students in pharmacy and the health sciences consistently pass national licensure examinations at rates ranging from 92% to 100%, much higher than national averages.
  • A biology professor and his graduate student guides a film crew on a tour of Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge and its inhabitants, Alligator Snapping Turtles. Their research is televised on Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet.
  • An Australian pharmaceutical company awards a pharmacy professor more than $1 million to research the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.
  • The ULM Water Ski Team is reigning national champions.
  • The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, a national report, ranks ULM among the top 20 universities that produce the most scholarly work. ULM is the only Louisiana university included in the ranking.


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