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Office of the President

Office of the President

I cannot adequately express how honored I am to work with the Universities of Louisiana to bring world class higher education to our students, employers, and communities. 

We face immense challenges in Louisiana, but we also are blessed with extraordinary opportunities. As our state leaders continue to grapple with difficult fiscal circumstances, we will collaborate with our governor, the legislature, and others in the search for meaningful solutions. We will also advocate tirelessly for a reinvestment in our work. Our students deserve nothing less.

More than ever before, quality of life and economic empowerment are dependent upon educational attainment. The abilities to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively are essential. We develop those core competencies in more than 90,000 students every year. These students are our future, our promise.

Our more than 16,000 annual graduates become engaged citizens in our communities and give our employers a competitive advantage. They create businesses. They educate our young. They care for our infirm. They discover new technologies. They enrich our environments with their artistry. 

By focusing on the needs of our students and partnering more closely than ever with our business and community leaders, we can help our stakeholders understand higher education is not a cost, but an investment. The return on that investment is invaluable. I look forward with great optimism to delivering a message that will advance our mission.

My door is always open for you to reach out with your ideas or concerns for our system of higher education in Louisiana. If you would like to receive periodic messages from me directly, please sign up here. I invite you to follow me on Twitter for more frequent, albeit less formal communication.  

Kindest Regards,

Jim Henderson

President Henderson
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