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Bridging the Divide ULS Summer Professional Development Series
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I submit more than one proposal?

Answer: Absolutely! We will accept up to 4 proposals per applicant. Know that they may all not be chosen, but they will all be reviewed and considered.


Where will the Professional Development Courses be built?

Answer: LA Tech is being kind enough to develop a Moodle platform (separate from their own) for our Professional Development Courses to live.


How will I access the Moodle platform to design my accepted proposal or participate in the professional development training?

Answer: All UL System faculty and staff will be added to the Moodle system and information about how to access that system will be forthcoming.


How will individuals selected to create and facilitate their professional development proposal be paid?

Answer: The UL System will send an itemized list of creators/facilitators to the University leadership with the amount to be paid to each individual. Each campus will receive funding for the creators/facilitators being paid in association with this project.


My institution requires additional paperwork be completed for external grant opportunities and/or overloads, do I need to complete that?

Answer: Yes, most of our institutions have internal paperwork and tracking that are completed when funding is awarded. Most campuses who have inquired about this process will contact those who have proposals accepted to have the internal institution paperwork completed. Payment for accepted proposal creation and facilitation will be subject to the completion of any additional paperwork required by the faculty or staff member’s university.


What does equity mean for the purposes of our professional development?

Answer: Equity is defined by 5 broad categories: Academic, Pedagogical, Social, Psychological, and Technological. More information about these concepts can be found in this resource (which is also linked on the submission form):


How will my proposal be scored?

Answer: The rubric is provided in this PDF.


When will I know if I’ve been accepted?

Answer: We have designed a rolling acceptance with an announcement of initial acceptance communication scheduled to be announced on Friday, June 5, 2020. The second acceptance date will be announced on or before June 12, 2020. As a reminder, proposals will be accepted through 5pm Monday, June 8, 2020.


What if I would like to collaborate on a Professional Development topic with a colleague?

Answer: We are encouraging proposals from sole authors. However, if you would like to collaborate on multiple topics please feel free to communicate with your colleagues about their topics and how your topics might fit together.


When will a schedule of Professional Development sessions be available?

Answer: We will have a schedule of professional development topics and weeks those topics will be offered available on June 15, 2020.


Will staff need to take annual leave to participate in the professional development training or virtual conference in August?

Answer: No, annual leave should not be required for staff participating in the professional development courses or the virtual conference in August. This is an opportunity for faculty and staff to up-skill, collaborate, and network and falls in line with our missions to provide education.


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