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Financial Aid Expert - Dr. Gavin Hamms

Dr. Gavin Hamms has nearly 10 years of extensive experience in financial aid at GSU. As a Default Prevention Specialist, Dr. Hamms was able to establish innovative, data-driven practices that led to an immediate reduction in the institution’s Cohort Default Rate. He has also been able to spearhead a robust financial literacy program on campus to help students make sound financial choices. Dr. Hamms, an astute leader in the field, is actively involved in assessing practices. Colleagues and other financial aid professionals often reach out to him for policy consultation to ensure compliance with Title IV regulations.  Dr. Hamms has received the Provost’s Choice and the “Student Choice” awards because of his commitment to GSU students.


Financial Aid Resources

College Prep Checklist


A checklist preparing students for college from the Federal Agency for Student aid.

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