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Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with LA Energy Partners

The State of Louisiana through the Division of Administration has executed a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with LA Energy Partners, LLC. The state’s CEA with LAEP allows our nine institutions to Opt-in the agreement under similar terms  and conditions that are outlined in the CEA.

The Opportunity encompasses a contemplated 39-year CEA consisting of three major components:

    1. MECHANIAL AND OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES – A long term lease of the energy assets by each campus to LAEP for the operation and maintenance of the Energy Assets;
    2. FACILITY OPTIMIZATION SERVICES – Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures and other Operational Cost Reduction Measures by LAEP for the benefit of each campus, to achieve energy and operational savings goals for each campus; and
    3. CHILLED WATER SERVICES – The provision of Chilled Water services by LAEP for each campus, if applicable.

Campuses should click on the links below for references to the UL System Board Rule and PPM regarding Immovable Property and the steps required by each campus to execute their own CEA.

Board Rule: PART TWO – CHAPTER VI – FACILITIES PLANNING (SECTIONS I-V), Section IV. Immovable Property

PPM: Chapter VI–Facilities Planning, Immovable Property and Associated Guidelines (FP-VI.IV.-1a)


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