Aug. 19, 2019

Baton Rouge
Kathleen Blanco, a trailblazing Louisiana governor, dies after long cancer battle

Acadiana remembers former Gov. Kathleen Blanco as ‘representative of the best of this region’

Some UL students in hotels as heavy rainfall causes delays for off-campus housing projects

Billy Napier: Suggesting UL football players donate to RCAF ‘just part of our player development program’

See UL coach Billy Napier’s statement regarding initiative of football players donating to RCAF

Napier, Maggard explain ideas behind controversial concept of UL players donating to RCAF

ULM Foundation recognizes outstanding faculty and staff with Awards for Excellence

2019 NSU Move in Day: Welcome Demons!

NSU, DOTD develop crosswalk for pedestrian safety

Northwestern State announces beer sales at football games

GSU appoints interim Engineering Technology Department leader

GSU Ranked 25th Best Program in College Footbal History

A Football Coach Told His Players to Donate to the Booster Club. Now His University Says It’s Just ‘Strongly Encouraged.’