Students Give UL System Schools High Marks in National Survey

BATON ROUGE – Eighty-six percent of students in the University of Louisiana System rate their educational experience as “Good” or “Excellent,” according to results from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) released today.  Additionally, 83 percent would attend the same institution if they had a chance to start their educational experience over.

“Students are our customers and this national survey affirms they believe they are getting a good return on their investment,” said UL System President Randy Moffett.

NSSE is an annual survey of first-year students and seniors.  This year 362,000 students from 564 U.S. colleges and universities completed the NSSE questionnaire.  This is the first year all eight UL System schools participated in the survey.

Other significant findings from the UL System survey results include:

  • 97 percent say the university provides the support they need to help succeed academically;
  • 97 percent say they are acquiring a broad general education;
  • 94 percent say they are acquiring job or work-related knowledge and skills;
  • 79 percent rate the quality of academic advising as “Good” or “Excellent;”
  • 76 percent rate faculty members as available, helpful or sympathetic;
  • 60 percent rate administrative personnel and offices helpful, considerate and flexible; and
  • 82 percent rate relationships with other students as friendly, supportive and a sense of belonging,

UL System Student Board Member Brook Sebren said, “These results do not surprise me at all.  My experience at the University of Louisiana at Monroe has been extremely rewarding with everyone – from faculty to staff – coming together to push you to the next level.  The universities in the UL System care about the success of their students.”

The full survey results including campus breakdowns can be found at  For more information about the National Survey of Student Engagement, visit


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