University of Louisiana System Promotes Study Abroad

University of Louisiana System Promotes Study Abroad – Oct 31, 2007

Agreement between Northwestern and Korea Opens Another Door

Natchitoches, LA – Northwestern State University President Randy Webb and Dr. Je Jick Oh, Governor of Education of Chungcheongnamdo Province in Korea signed an agreement Tuesday that solidifies a new study abroad opportunity for students in the University of Louisiana System.

The agreement, approved by the UL System Board in June, allows up to 15 teacher education students to spend a semester in Korea teaching English to Korean students. In return, up to 30 Korean classroom teachers will travel to Natchitoches for a four-week summer study program including instruction in English as a second language and studies in Louisiana culture.

“Earning a college degree today is not just about passing exams and mastering content. Students who graduate from our universities should also have a greater sense of civic responsibility, commitment to their communities, and an ability to compete in the global economy,” said University of Louisiana System President Sally Clausen. “Providing study abroad opportunities are central to our mission to fully prepare students for the realities of today and the challenges of tomorrow.”

University of Louisiana System campuses have offered study abroad opportunities for students, in addition to exchange programs, for many years. The eight UL System institutions provide a mix of programs that range from summer travel to semester and year-long immersion programs in Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Honduras, Italy, Korea, Mexico, and Panama.

“Some may be surprised to learn that study abroad opportunities are not limited to those studying foreign languages,” said UL System Associate Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs Brad O’Hara. “UL System programs include majors in Art, Architecture, Biology, Business, Ecology, Education, History, Music and Nursing, among others. In doing so, our schools offer the world to our students.”

For more information about ULS study abroad opportunities including direct links to campus websites, visit and click on the “Study Abroad” banner.

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