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Virtual ULS Day at the Capitol

Although this year's event won't be students, faculty and staff gathered on the state capitol lawn, with your help we can create a similar impact through social media advocacy and personal outreach efforts Wednesday, April 14.

Thank you for working alongside us on the first ever virtual ULS Day at the Capitol to elevate the Universities of Louisiana’s profile in the eyes of our state’s lawmakers. Our legislative asks this year are two-fold: first, we are asking lawmakers to restore state investment in higher education back to 2019 levels; and second, we are requesting a targeted investment to close the competition gap in faculty salaries. You can help us increase the visibility of these asks using personal outreach and social media advocacy.

Use the find my legislators button at the top of this page if you’re unsure which representative and senator represent you. Then, click the legislator contact info button and find your legislators’ email address, phone number, and Twitter handle. Not to worry if your legislator doesn’t have one of these listed–we anticipate our lawmakers scrolling the #ulsday21 hashtag so your posts will remain impactful.

We want our efforts to illustrate that your university has made a difference in preparing you for your future. Use the questions below to guide your tweets and phone and email outreach. Including relevant photos is even more impactful than just your testimony. Don’t forget, it’s very important that you tag your posts with #ulsday21 and #lalege!

Student Guiding Questions

  • What doors has attending your university opened for you?
  • What faculty members have made a difference in supporting you through your collegiate career?
  • How has attending your university helped you to foster personal and professional relationships?
  • How has your university fostered your personal growth?

Faculty Guiding Questions

  • What is your favorite part about teaching, and teaching at your university specifically?
  • How has your university fostered your personal and professional growth?
  • How does your university work to show you that you and your contributions are valued?
  • How does your institution contribute to making the state better?

Follow the UL System on Facebook and Twitter and amplify our posts by sharing them to your own channels throughout the day. Keep an eye on your notifications–we’ll be sharing your posts, too.

Visit https://legis.la.gov/legis/home.aspx to see UL System President and CEO Dr. Jim Henderson testify before the House Appropriations Committee on ULS Day.

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