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Study Abroad

Study across the world through any of our nine universities.

Students enrolled in the University of Louisiana System may participate in study abroad programs offered at any of the nine system universities. Below are links to specific university programs:



I only speak English and therefore am not eligible to study abroad.

Many of today’s study abroad programs do not require knowledge of a foreign language – in fact, many of the programs offered by ULS schools are taught in English.

I’ll never graduate on time if I study abroad.
With proper planning, study abroad programs can sometimes put you ahead of your classmates. Classes taken abroad may serve as credit toward your major, or elective requirements while studying abroad, depending on the program.

Study abroad is strictly for students in their junior year.
Traditionally, many study abroad programs were organized for students with junior standing. However, today’s programs are available to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students.

We don’t have any study abroad programs at my school that fit with my major.
Although that may be the case, as a UL System student you may be eligible to participate in a program offered at another school in the UL System – not just those not offered at your home institution. Visit the study abroad links for each UL System institution for further details.

You have to commit in your freshman year if you are planning to study abroad.
Although we encourage students to plan ahead, typical program deadlines are usually less than six months prior to departure.

Only outstanding students are accepted into a study abroad program.
Not so. For many programs, students need only be in good standing with their home institution to participate.

It’s not safe to study abroad.
Many countries are actually safer than cities in the United States, especially study abroad programs that take place in smaller towns. Crime rates in many countries are much lower than they are in the U.S. The State Department provides more information in its on-line publication, A Safe Trip Abroad. Visit this site for safety abroad and travel tips for different regions of the world.



There are three types of study abroad programs offered at UL System schools. Regardless of program type, students participating in study abroad programs earn credit at their home institution, just as if they were taking courses there. Grades earned are computed as part of the student’s official GPA.

The three types of programs are:

Faculty-led programs are sponsored by an academic department of a UL System schools and lead by a UL System faculty member. Students pay regular tuition and fees for the course(s) for which they have registered. Application and program fees may also apply.

University of Louisiana System schools have reciprocal exchange programs with many universities worldwide. These programs allow UL System students to study overseas and in turn allow overseas students to study at University of Louisiana System schools.

Students participating in exchange programs often take regular university courses with students from their host country. (Some universities also offer a selection of courses geared for foreign students, which may be taught in English.) Exchange students pay tuition to their home UL System institution, and are responsible for paying for housing, food, transportation, and general costs of living in the host country, just as they would pay while studying at home.

In some cases, UL System institutions offer study abroad programs that are affiliated with a study abroad organization that has an official agreement with a UL System school. Although each affiliated program is different; they are typically designed for American students. Each program has its own published program fee, which typically includes housing, food and possibly transportation.


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