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Tableau Usage Survey

We are rolling this out in phases. So, in the first phase, we will start with limited users. See description of the users. We planned to expand this number as we move to phase two of the project.

· Creator-Movers and shakers of data. These are your folks who will natively connect to data, clean it, do deep dives, curate, and create the reports and dashboards everyone sees.

· Explorer-Decision makers and data power users. When someone doesn’t necessarily need the full functionality of the Creator but still benefits from being able to ask questions of the data. Includes Ask Data which empowers individuals to use everyday language to discover and get to that next level of insight.

  • Please note, this will mostly be used for you and your IR team (at least for now).
  • Please note, maybe a few for your top leadership. Again, let’s limit here. I want to build before we showcase.


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