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Management & Leadership Institute Research Projects

2020-21 Class

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Building Competencies For Our Future

This group developed the podcast series, Building Competencies For Our Future, which outlines a set of competencies that contribute to developing a higher education culture of preparedness for the future. Each episode of the series provides commentary focused on ways that higher education institutions throughout the University of Louisiana System might develop these competencies for students, faculty and staff.


Episode 1: Communication, featuring Dr. Lonny Benoit, Associate Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Performing Arts, McNeese State University

Episode 2: Interdependence, featuring Dr. Taniecea Mallery, Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity Officer, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Episode 3: Resiliency, featuring Chris Asprion, Director of University Housing, Southeastern Louisiana University

Episode 4: Ethical Reasoning, featuring Dr. David Whitney, Associate Professor of Political Science and Department Head of Social Sciences, Nicholls State University

Episode 5: Innovation, featuring Michele Robinson, Executive Director of Engagement and Regional Development, Louisiana Tech University

Episode 6: Adaptability, featuring Dr. Kelsey Bohl, Executive Director of Marketing and University Communications, University of Louisiana Monroe


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Innovations resulting from COVID-19 that may persist post-pandemic.

Brittany B. Broussard– Northwestern State University
Kristin Chandler – University of Louisiana Monroe
Gianna Cothren – University of New Orleans
Lisa Harris – Northwestern State University
Milton Jackson – Grambling State University
Kathryn Slosarek – Nicholls State University
Krisshunn Youngblood – McNeese State University

A stay-at-home order was issued by Governor John Bel Edwards on March 22, 2020 directing all Louisiana residents to shelter at home and limit movements outside their homes beyond essential needs. What impact did this have on institutions of higher education? Personal livelihood? Recreation and entertainment? Life? As a result of stay-at-home order on March 22, 2020, all communities within our UL System institutions had to embrace innovation and become innovators in less than a week.

Many ULS institutions used the challenge of the pandemic to begin to build an operating model on digital channels, instead of relying solely on the physical campus. This is the vital first step toward flexible work. For those faculty members who will return to campus and convene face-to-face instruction, this experience has provided many key takeaways and key skills that will enhance the traditional learning environment. Some additions may include utilizing a learning management system, bringing guest lecturers into the classroom via live streaming technology, or using digital textbooks and open educational resources. Although the post-pandemic future is uncertain, technology will undoubtedly play a critical role for colleges seeking to advance.


Communicating Cultural Competence

Dr. Blanca Bauer– University of Louisiana Lafayette
Dr. Lisa VanHoose – University of Louisiana Monroe
Dr. Desiree Anderson – University of New Orleans
Dr. Joel Hicks – Northwestern State University
Casey Byrd – Grambling State University
Adam McGuirt – Louisiana Tech University
Dr. Elizabeth Hornsby – Southeastern Louisiana University

How do we develop cultural competency? We have to first get everyone on the same page with where we have been to understand why these efforts are important in the first place, this is inclusive of our histories as a country, university, system, and the efforts we have already made towards cultural competence. It becomes essential then that we understand where we are right now, what the data tells us, what are the initiatives we are currently undertaking and their effectiveness toward achieving our goals, and who needs to get involved that is not already. Finally, we must create a place for universities and the individuals in them to understand where we are headed. What are the active steps we are taking and what role they play in moving forward?

We found that the UL System and component institutions were in fact establishing cultural competence, it just was not being communicated. Telling the story of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going in a visible, accessible, and resourceful place that outline the systemness we are trying to achieve in developing cultural competency.


2018-19 Class

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