EDITORIAL: An important search for a new president at the University of New Orleans

by Editorial page staff, The Times-Picayune


Now that the University of New Orleans has begun its transfer from the LSU System to the University of Louisiana System, officials can focus on another crucial task for the school’s future: finding a new UNO president. 

UNO ought to become a catalyst for our region’s recovery, and it’s important that UL system officials find a leader with the experience, vision and drive to carry out that mission. 

That task will fall on a new 14-member committee responsible for conducting the search. The group, chaired by UL system President Randy Moffett, includes nine other members of the UL system Board of Supervisors. The committee also will include four representatives of the UNO community.  

The group has yet to release a schedule for the search. But a spokeswoman said all meetings will be conducted at UNO and will be open to the public. That’s important. Metro New Orleans residents, who rely on UNO for education, employment and economic development, have much riding on the future of the university. 

A previous search for the university’s new leader was put on hold in February because of a proposal to merge UNO and Southern University at New Orleans. UNO’s transfer to the UL system was the only portion of that plan approved by the Legislature. 

UNO is able to move on now, and finding the person who will guide the university in the coming years is the next priority.