Letter: Higher education funding critical to ensuring bright future in La.

As a high school senior deciding where to go for college, the article “More cuts possible for Louisiana higher education, health care; Another $100M needed to balance budget” (Mark Ballard, Jan. 27) greatly concerns me. As much as I would love to stay in Louisiana with my family and attend an in-state school, I constantly question this option due to the projected budget cuts for higher education.

I believe the legislators need to realize that higher education is a priority, especially in a state where education rates are below average. Hopefully, the advisers will be able to find a way to adjust the budget without cutting higher education, especially since it seems that higher education is the first thing to be cut when money gets tight.

Of course, everyone enjoys low gas prices, but they come with a cost. Since gas prices are lower, costs of shipping should decrease, which would open some funds, I assume, but obviously that won’t solve all the problems. I don’t have any experience in economics, but as a teenager I just ask that they remember how important higher education is to the people of Louisiana to ensure a bright future for everyone.

Kristen Rohli


Baton Rouge