Motto – “College Begins in Preschool”

College Begins in Preschool
Welcome to our College Begins in Preschool website. Did you know that educating your child as early as possible is critical to his or her future? It’s true. Studies have shown that early education plays a major role in college participation and achievement.

In fact, children who participate in a quality preschool program graduate at higher rates and are more likely to enroll in college (Education Commission of the State’s report ABCs of Investing in Student Performance, 1996).

Remember, it’s a new world out there. According to the Educational Testing Service, jobs today require more education. In 1959, 20% of workers needed some college; in 2000, 56% did. In addition, postsecondary institutions are increasing their admissions standards, making college more selective and competitive.

Parents, it is critical that you plan early and become involved in your child’s education. 
Impact of Preschool
According to the Education Commission of the States, children who participate in high-quality early childhood and preschool programs outperform students who do not attend:

More of these students graduate from high school

More enroll in postsecondary institutions

Fewer students have to repeat a grade

Fewer enroll in special education

Fewer dropout of school, are arrested, become pregnant as teenagers and require welfare assistance

More become employed as teens and young adults