Enrollment at the Universities of Louisiana topped 91,500 this fall according to the official 14th day census. The increase of more than 1,000 students systemwide reflects the increasing awareness of the benefits of higher education and the rising demand from employers for a more highly educated workforce. 
“Our vision to produce the most educated, prepared-for-life-and-work generation of Louisianians depends on growth,” UL System President and CEO Jim Henderson said. “These numbers are encouraging, and they do not even include the thousands of students enrolled in non-credit workforce development and professional certification programs.” 
Building on the news of positive enrollment, the System is releasing its strategic framework. The framework, developed collaboratively with the System’s nine university presidents, emboldens the System to focus on six aspirations within three categories-Academic Success, Student Success and Educational Attainment; Economic Development, Research and Innovation; and Financial Stewardship and Accountability.
“The aspirations within the framework are intentionally aggressive,” Dr. Henderson said. “The System will cultivate strategies to recruit, retain, and develop faculty; build awareness of and expand public/private partnerships that drive economic growth and prosperity; and deliver on an audacious vision for the development of our people. Educational attainment is paramount.”
The framework, accessible here, will shape the System’s efforts to advance educational attainment statewide, empower the state’s citizens, meet the needs of business and industry, grow the economy, and enrich communities.
The framework is the first of many aggressive initiatives that aid in the missions of the System and its nine unique universities. Future plans include a systemwide conference and a video series centered on the System tagline For Your Future. For Our Future.



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